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Ultimate engagement AI, helping you own your user experience

Easy to use, user experience AI to improve retention and quadruple revenue.

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Adapt your experience to fit user's needs

Anticipate each user's path and intervene at the right time with the right tool.

Know early which of your users are likely to pay and who are at risk of churn.

Deploy new AI algorithms with just one click

We make it as quick and easy as possible.

Integrate in minutes

Save your developer time by pushing millions of events in minutes.

Integrate with any system without warehousing.

Learn from any data source: mobile, browser, servers, Mixpanel, analytics, and more!

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Begin omits any PII data and requires no trust to use, and skips the red tape.

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Process millions of events in minutes, scale to billions of events without worry.

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Unique Technology

Adapts to your use case and train algorithms to fit your business strategies.

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Ease of use

Interfaces are purpose-built for your user and product teams to skip the constraints and be agile.

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Stop guessing what your users want, and let Begin give you a hand

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