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Low Code AI for Great Products. At scale

Plug & Play AI to retain customers and quadruple revenue, at a fraction of the cost.

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Advanced & frictionless customizations

Integrate sophisticated recommenders and automatic categorizers in minutes, with very little setup. Begin's software is fast, lightweight, secure, and scalable.

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Go live in minutes, not months

Learn from your customer behaviour across platforms, across brands and across applications by copy/pasting a few lines of codes.

Add the code only once, and launch hundreds of algorithms.

Automatically mine consumer interactions

Mine hundreds of unique interactions, and billions of interactions on the edge as they happen.

AI is tough to build, but we have you covered

No more writing intricate machine learning code or building complex data processing pipelines! Begin's software is packed with a large number of features that makes it possible for you to launch machine intelligence at scale to your customers.

Online learning

As soon as you integrate the code, you're live. Begin's algorithms learn from your customer interactions as they happen allowing you to serve recommenders and other algorithms in minutes.

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Begin saves time and money by processing data from your Android, iOS, Javascript or Python codebase. No need for massive server storage, processing power or high-bandwidth, low-latency connections.

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Since Begin processes data on the user's device, your software can learn and scale with your user base.

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Begin's algorithm leaves your users' data on their device. We generate a mathematical hash to associate with your users' behaviour and preferences. This keeps your user data localized and secure.

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Intelligence without moving data

Data is processed locally on mobile, desktop and other devices, keeping it safe.

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