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Support your LiveOps
with incredible power

Simple integration

With little more than an include() statement, Begin securely anonymizes your data and trains custom AI models tailored to what you need most.

  • Instant integration allows you to see results, model improvement and start learning in minutes

  • Easily connect multiple data sources, without sharing data, to discover things you didn't know before

Low risk

With data anonymized and 100% encrypted before it leaves your device, security is baked in reducing drastically the risk of cyber threats.

  • Real-time and consistent analysis so all stakeholders understand what's going on

  • Algorithms designed to fit your objective

Asynchronous learning
& caching

New data is created every time your apps and players do, well, anything. We monitor player actions and help you create valuable labeled data.

  • Automatic caching so network issues never hinder progress

Minimal maintainance & support

The same technology used by Airbnb, NASA, Caterpillar and more.

  • Regardless of device, our SDKs don't rely on outside dependencies

Improved performance
for your players

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