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Algorithms that improve
your customer experience

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Cross-app learning

No matter what app your customer is using, our algorithms can learn from fragments of user data wherever they are. Co-learn with other app owners without sharing data.

No massive infrastructure or complex legal agreements. Build a global knowledge framework, all without sharing data!

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Cross-platform learning

Whether on iOS, Android, Javascript, or Python-based apps, Begin's algorithms will learn from your customer's interactions simultaneously and without you having to do any custom work to merge the datasets.


Categorize expenses, identify recurring expenses, detect fraudulent behavior all through one integration, without complex engineering and within hours.


35% of Amazon's revenue comes from recommenders.

Improve your customer retention and reduce churn through state-of-the-art recommenders, in minutes and without intensely complex setups.

Fake profile detection

Prevent bad actors from damaging your reputation. Begin's fake profile detection algorithm learns how humans use your app and flag fake accounts.

Remove the misinformation, spam, and security risks from your platform.

Degree of interest

Find out if your customer will buy a product before you reveal it to them.

Begin's user interest algorithm can respond to the inquiry “What is the degree of interest this customer will have in this item?”

Need more ideas?

  • Recommend your users' next binge watch

  • Identify fake user generated content

  • Bring your user back through tailored notifications

  • Find a kid-friendly recipe from the ingredients in your fridge

  • Find the ideal candidate for your workplace culture

  • Qualify leads in your sales funnel

  • Determine if user: @mike3929438759 is a bot

  • Classify customers' reviews into categories meaningful to your business

Give your millions of customers the “one on one” treatment.

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