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Algorithms that improve
your players's experience

Engagement Prediction

Knowing which players to pay attention to, when and why is powerful. Begin's platform allows you to securly predict players that are likely to churn and those who are likely to subscribe in realtime for you to react.

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One of the most powerful methods to keep players engaged with your content is to know what content to serve them and when.

Improve your player retention and reduce churn through state-of-the-art recommenders, in minutes and without intensely complex setups.

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Fake profile detection

Prevent bad actors from damaging your reputation. Begin's fake profile detection algorithm learns how humans use your app and flag fake accounts.

Remove the misinformation, spam, and security risks from your platform.

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Degree of interest

Find out if a player will be interested in an item or a package before you reveal it to them.

Begin's player interest algorithm can respond to the inquiry “What is the degree of interest this player will have in this item?”

View an example in the demo page

Begin's algorithms can do so much more

  • Adjust battle difficulty to exactly player's mood, not too easy and not too hard

  • Suggest the next quest to a player in an open world

  • Match players to play with same level peer players

  • Reduce surprise elements in sounds to ease a stressed player

  • Know which quest to serve each player and when

  • Highlight the twist of the narrative that your player is likely to relate to the most

Give your millions of players the “one on one” treatment.

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